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The Maritime Search and Rescue Database

The worlds first international maritime SAR database and knowledgebase.

This project aims to develop concepts for, and implementations of, a database of maritime search and rescue (SAR) knowledge. It seeks to preserve and share documented and undocumented helpful best-practices, know-how, lessons learned, recommendations, and general knowledge. Help make our seas safer through sharing knowledge.

By Robert J. Rovetto


Högre nyttjande av höghållfasta stål

I januari i år sparkade Stena Teknik, SSAB, MacGregor, Chalmers och RISE igång innovationsprojektet ELÄTTRA, finansierat av Trafikverket genom Lighthouse branschprogram för Hållbar Sjöfart. ELÄTTRA söker svaret på hur vi bättre kan använda höghållfasta ståls många fördelar inom skeppsbyggnadskonsten. Den förhärskande sanningen har länge varit att höghållfasta stål spelar...

By Chalmers, RISE

Technology Roadmapping: Future Search and Rescue Communications and calling for help

A collaborative methodology for understanding technology landscapes

During the summer of 2016 the RNLI embarked on a Technology Roadmapping exercise with the support of the Institute for Manufacturing’s Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS) and the assistance of third parties to help explore the future of search and rescue communications and ‘calling for help’ on, in...

By Will Roberts, Tim Robertson, Hannah Nobbs

Multilingual Communications Tool

Design Sprint

The RNLI has conducted a design sprint on the challenge of communicating at point of rescue. This was an idea submitted to the RNLI's Open Innovation Platform by the Station Manager at Gravesend Lifeboat Station in Kent.

By Jason Carroll, Hannah Nobbs and Will Roberts, RNLI


Drone system to support Search and Rescue

This project is an exploration of how the Swedish Sea Rescue Society and similar Search and Rescue organizations might use a system where a central operator could remotely launch and control small aircrafts housed in automatic launching boxes at our rescue stations.

By Fredrik Falkman, SSRS


Development of a product that helps the user climb back into the boat.

If a person falls overboard one can find it very hard to climb back. This combined with the fact that small boats has more often a lack of rescue equipment, our goal with this project is to develop a self rescue product. It will help the person to climb...

By Elias Axelsson, Kerstin Wolme

Follow me – Control System

Development of a path following system for a RescueRunner

This path following system allows the RescueRunner to follow a bigger rescue boat to the scene of the accident without the help of a driver.

By Anton Bergholtz & Carl-Adam Hernvall

Ocean Vortex

Ett kylsystem för torrdräkter

Svenska Sjöräddningssällskapet använder idag en överlevnadsdräkt bestående av en torrdräkt och någon form av isolering. Dräkterna är gjorda för att hålla en person levande i kallt vatten upp till en timme varför de ofta är för varma för att ha på sig i andra situationer. Detta projekt genomförs för...

By Anna Crona, Staffan Enegren, Julia Lindvall, Michelle Arborelius och Frida Nilsson

Unmanned water rescue

Remote controlled line puller for surface rescue

When a person falls through thin ice, rescue attempts with todays equipment can be difficult. A small unmanned vehicle could be used to provide flotation and a rope out to the person in distress.

By Alexander Osika, Mikael Tulldahl

Kylsystem till torrdräkt

Chalmers projektgrupp 19

Vår grupp skall, innan sista veckan i LP4, utveckla ett integrerat kylsystem med temperaturreglering till befintliga torrdräkter för att göra dem behagliga att ha på sig i varierande miljöer.

By Daniel Dehlin, Jonathan Fahlbeck, Louisa Hultmark, Hampus Nilsson, Sylvester Serban Stankic


a shaft-less propulsor to minimize impact of floating ropes and debris

Ship accidents usually produce a lot of floating debris. Rescue boats, weather equipped with a water jet or a propeller, are vulnerable to debris, and can be made useless for hours if a rope gets tangled and melts into a solid mass around the drive shaft.

By Fredrik Falkman, SSRS


a safer boating experience

My project is focused on the problem of getting back up in the boat after one has fallen over board. This is because many of the smallest boats, where most accidents happen, often lack any form of ladder or aid to get up. My result is a concept proposal...

By Malin Andersson

The open source for projects and innovations for safer waters and better sea rescue.

A work in progress from the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. A place for any and all projects related to sea rescue. A place to share, a place to find, a place for cooperations to form, a place to call for project work that needs to be done.

By Fredrik Falkman, SSRS

Stridsbåt 90e concept

Optimize, Rearrange, Improve

The project is about optimizing different spaces on an already existing rescue-boat to improve the environment and accesibility for all users

By Alexandra Torstensson, Hanna Hackl, Josefine Gulda and Henrik Johansson

Personal climate zone

Some ideas of how to control the temperature inside a drysuit

It's easy to stay warm in a drysuit by simply put on more clothes but how do you keep cold on those scorching summer days or at times when you have to work really hard?

By Edvin Mellergård, Veronika Aspwall, Martin Koivisto, Malin Björkman

Rescuerunner fire extinguisher

A device that easily can be connected to the rescuerunners water jet.

Rescuerunner is a waterjet driven jetski used by the Swedish sea rescue society. A rescuerunner with a fire extinguisher will be first at the scene and can be an option where bigger boats or firetrucks can’t get close enough.

By Louise Henriksson, Niklas Ödlund, Helena Ask and Carl Sinder

Towing device for Rescuerunner

Different transport solutions for the Rescuerunner.

The main tasks of the towing device are to eliminate or minimize the time needed to attach the rescuerunner aft of the main boat and to enable towing at sea. The outcome of this project consists of three different concepts.

By Julia Arell, Erik Arvidsson, Viktor Robertsson, Tor Sonesson

Caterpillar Track Craft Concept

A craft for sea rescue during winter when the ice neither holds nor breaks

This concept is developed for use in lakes and bays during winter when the ice neither holds nor breaks. The craft consist of two caterpillar tracks and uses a more environmental friendly powertrain in comparison to most crafts of today.

By Daniela Gripenby Andersson and Phu Lieng

Rescue Bouy

Improving a well-known icon

The Rescue Bouy is a modern interpretation of the common life bouy with greatly enhanced features and user-friendly interface.

By David König, Filip Traung, Isabel Malone, Oscar Klamer

Life Jacket

Designed for the Swedish search and rescue needs

As the technology on boats and the way of using them in rescue operations develops, it sets new demands on the personal equipment.

By Henrik Wilhelmsson & Ernst Hellby


Extending the life of Rescuerunner over the winter season

Transforming the existing rescue unit Rescuerunner to a hovercraft in order to achieve cost-efficient and flexible sea rescue in both ice and water, 365 days a year.

By Maria Björklund
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