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Relayed AIS Transponder

Publishing a Cloud-connected Vehicle’s position through the AIS Ground Station Network

Help us build the service layer that pulls position data from a Cloud Service, converts it to the AIS message format and pushes the messages to the Ground Station Network Servers!

By Fredrik Falkan, SSRS

Call For Project


Remotely Connecting Life Rafts for Lifting

How might we connect a lifting wire to a liftable life raft at sea without having persons on the water doing it?

Lifting life rafts — with people in them — to the safety onboard a nearby ship, would be a very fast way to rescue people after a mass evacuation at sea. But if the helping ship has to launch a rescue boat to connect the rafts, that means putting...

By Fredrik Falkman, SSRS

Call For Project

Call for help!

How might we help more people sound the alarm?

In developed nations, if you’re in an accident at sea and you can call for help yourself, you have close to 100% chance of being rescued. Yet many lives are lost every year because for some reason nobody could send the distress signal or make the call.

By Fredrik Falkman, SSRS