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Learning in VR – does it work?

Studying how learning in Virtual and Augmented Reality generalises to skills needed to perform in real life.

This is a project for a master thesis or two. It is a part of a research project funded by Office of Naval Research Global, US. There is thus some funds to support travel and absorb expenses. Despite the description starting with the Background and below, there is a...

Maritime SAR Bibliography

This is a listing of maritime search & rescue (SAR) manuals and other publications from different SAR groups and organizations around the world. Given the overlap with general seamanship, some listings include more general boating publications or maritime SAR/safety chapters of publications.

By Robert Rovetto

The open source for projects and innovations for safer waters and better sea rescue.

A work in progress from the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. A place for any and all projects related to sea rescue. A place to share, a place to find, a place for cooperations to form, a place to call for project work that needs to be done.

By Fredrik Falkman, SSRS