Personal safety

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Kylsystem till torrdräkt

Chalmers projektgrupp 19

Vår grupp skall, innan sista veckan i LP4, utveckla ett integrerat kylsystem med temperaturreglering till befintliga torrdräkter för att göra dem behagliga att ha på sig i varierande miljöer.

By Daniel Dehlin, Jonathan Fahlbeck, Louisa Hultmark, Hampus Nilsson, Sylvester Serban Stankic


a safer boating experience

My project is focused on the problem of getting back up in the boat after one has fallen over board. This is because many of the smallest boats, where most accidents happen, often lack any form of ladder or aid to get up. My result is a concept proposal...

By Malin Andersson

Ocean Vortex

Ett kylsystem för torrdräkter

Svenska Sjöräddningssällskapet använder idag en överlevnadsdräkt bestående av en torrdräkt och någon form av isolering. Dräkterna är gjorda för att hålla en person levande i kallt vatten upp till en timme varför de ofta är för varma för att ha på sig i andra situationer. Detta projekt genomförs för...

By Anna Crona, Staffan Enegren, Julia Lindvall, Michelle Arborelius och Frida Nilsson


Development of a product that helps the user climb back into the boat.

If a person falls overboard one can find it very hard to climb back. This combined with the fact that small boats has more often a lack of rescue equipment, our goal with this project is to develop a self rescue product. It will help the person to climb...

By Elias Axelsson, Kerstin Wolme

Technology Roadmapping: Future Search and Rescue Communications and calling for help

A collaborative methodology for understanding technology landscapes

During the summer of 2016 the RNLI embarked on a Technology Roadmapping exercise with the support of the Institute for Manufacturing’s Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS) and the assistance of third parties to help explore the future of search and rescue communications and ‘calling for help’ on, in...

By Will Roberts, Tim Robertson, Hannah Nobbs

Life Jacket

Designed for the Swedish search and rescue needs

As the technology on boats and the way of using them in rescue operations develops, it sets new demands on the personal equipment.

By Henrik Wilhelmsson & Ernst Hellby

Personal climate zone

Some ideas of how to control the temperature inside a drysuit

It's easy to stay warm in a drysuit by simply put on more clothes but how do you keep cold on those scorching summer days or at times when you have to work really hard?

By Edvin Mellergård, Veronika Aspwall, Martin Koivisto, Malin Björkman