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Multilingual Communications Tool

Design Sprint

The RNLI has conducted a design sprint on the challenge of communicating at point of rescue. This was an idea submitted to the RNLI's Open Innovation Platform by the Station Manager at Gravesend Lifeboat Station in Kent.

By Jason Carroll, Hannah Nobbs and Will Roberts, RNLI


Drone system to support Search and Rescue

This project is an exploration of how the Swedish Sea Rescue Society and similar Search and Rescue organizations might use a system where a central operator could remotely launch and control small aircrafts housed in automatic launching boxes at our rescue stations.

By Fredrik Falkman, SSRS

Follow me – Control System

Development of a path following system for a RescueRunner

This path following system allows the RescueRunner to follow a bigger rescue boat to the scene of the accident without the help of a driver.

By Anton Bergholtz & Carl-Adam Hernvall

Unmanned water rescue

Remote controlled line puller for surface rescue

When a person falls through thin ice, rescue attempts with todays equipment can be difficult. A small unmanned vehicle could be used to provide flotation and a rope out to the person in distress.

By Alexander Osika, Mikael Tulldahl

Coola Ner

Pågående projektsarbete för att utveckla ett kylsystem till SSRS för att förbättra deras arbetsmiljö och därmed förbättra deras arbete.

By Viktor Ström, Abdullah Tekcan, Marika Thorén, David Niklasson, Jakob Jansson och HoWan Chau