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Stridsbåt 90e concept

Optimize, Rearrange, Improve

The project is about optimizing different spaces on an already existing rescue-boat to improve the environment and accesibility for all users

By Alexandra Torstensson, Hanna Hackl, Josefine Gulda and Henrik Johansson


a safer boating experience

My project is focused on the problem of getting back up in the boat after one has fallen over board. This is because many of the smallest boats, where most accidents happen, often lack any form of ladder or aid to get up. My result is a concept proposal...

By Malin Andersson

Caterpillar Track Craft Concept

A craft for sea rescue during winter when the ice neither holds nor breaks

This concept is developed for use in lakes and bays during winter when the ice neither holds nor breaks. The craft consist of two caterpillar tracks and uses a more environmental friendly powertrain in comparison to most crafts of today.

By Daniela Gripenby Andersson and Phu Lieng

Towing device for Rescuerunner

Different transport solutions for the Rescuerunner.

The main tasks of the towing device are to eliminate or minimize the time needed to attach the rescuerunner aft of the main boat and to enable towing at sea. The outcome of this project consists of three different concepts.

By Julia Arell, Erik Arvidsson, Viktor Robertsson, Tor Sonesson

Rescuerunner fire extinguisher

A device that easily can be connected to the rescuerunners water jet.

Rescuerunner is a waterjet driven jetski used by the Swedish sea rescue society. A rescuerunner with a fire extinguisher will be first at the scene and can be an option where bigger boats or firetrucks can’t get close enough.

By Louise Henriksson, Niklas Ödlund, Helena Ask and Carl Sinder