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Stridsbåt 90e concept

Optimize, Rearrange, Improve

The project is about optimizing different spaces on an already existing rescue-boat to improve the environment and accesibility for all users

By Alexandra Torstensson, Hanna Hackl, Josefine Gulda and Henrik Johansson


a safer boating experience

My project is focused on the problem of getting back up in the boat after one has fallen over board. This is because many of the smallest boats, where most accidents happen, often lack any form of ladder or aid to get up. My result is a concept proposal...

By Malin Andersson


Extending the life of Rescuerunner over the winter season

Transforming the existing rescue unit Rescuerunner to a hovercraft in order to achieve cost-efficient and flexible sea rescue in both ice and water, 365 days a year.

By Maria Björklund

Life Jacket

Designed for the Swedish search and rescue needs

As the technology on boats and the way of using them in rescue operations develops, it sets new demands on the personal equipment.

By Henrik Wilhelmsson & Ernst Hellby

Rescue Bouy

Improving a well-known icon

The Rescue Bouy is a modern interpretation of the common life bouy with greatly enhanced features and user-friendly interface.

By David König, Filip Traung, Isabel Malone, Oscar Klamer