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a safer boating experience

My project is focused on the problem of getting back up in the boat after one has fallen over board. This is because many of the smallest boats, where most accidents happen, often lack any form of ladder or aid to get up. My result is a concept proposal...

By Malin Andersson

Stridsbåt 90e concept

Optimize, Rearrange, Improve

The project is about optimizing different spaces on an already existing rescue-boat to improve the environment and accesibility for all users

By Alexandra Torstensson, Hanna Hackl, Josefine Gulda and Henrik Johansson

Personal climate zone

Some ideas of how to control the temperature inside a drysuit

It's easy to stay warm in a drysuit by simply put on more clothes but how do you keep cold on those scorching summer days or at times when you have to work really hard?

By Edvin Mellergård, Veronika Aspwall, Martin Koivisto, Malin Björkman