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Högre nyttjande av höghållfasta stål

I januari i år sparkade Stena Teknik, SSAB, MacGregor, Chalmers och RISE igång innovationsprojektet ELÄTTRA, finansierat av Trafikverket genom Lighthouse branschprogram för Hållbar Sjöfart. ELÄTTRA söker svaret på hur vi bättre kan använda höghållfasta ståls många fördelar inom skeppsbyggnadskonsten. Den förhärskande sanningen har länge varit att höghållfasta stål spelar...

By Chalmers, RISE


a shaft-less propulsor to minimize impact of floating ropes and debris

Ship accidents usually produce a lot of floating debris. Rescue boats, weather equipped with a water jet or a propeller, are vulnerable to debris, and can be made useless for hours if a rope gets tangled and melts into a solid mass around the drive shaft.

By Fredrik Falkman, SSRS

Call For Project

Relayed AIS Transponder

Publishing a Cloud-connected Vehicle’s position through the AIS Ground Station Network

Help us build the service layer that pulls position data from a Cloud Service, converts it to the AIS message format and pushes the messages to the Ground Station Network Servers!

By Fredrik Falkan, SSRS


Development of a product that helps the user climb back into the boat.

If a person falls overboard one can find it very hard to climb back. This combined with the fact that small boats has more often a lack of rescue equipment, our goal with this project is to develop a self rescue product. It will help the person to climb...

By Elias Axelsson, Kerstin Wolme