Unmanned Underwater Rescue Catamaran

Rescue From beneath

by J.H.Wegener

Subject Mass Rescue
Status Starting up
Results Idea
Owner Type Inventors

Unmanned Underwater Rescue Catamaran (URC).
This is additional information and explanation to my illustration of the UURC.
The task of the UURC: Resque operations mainly for people in water, preventing drowning or freezing.
Why an underwater device for this task? – To avoid surface turbulence caused by winds and waves.
To be able to rescue people “from beneath” without need for human action.
The catamaran simply moves so the “floor” is under those it are going to resque, located at water surface, but with the “roof” above them, then eventually the “flaps” from beneath are lifted to prevent them to glide away, the flaps from above sinks to make a closed room.
Thereafter the room with the resqued person(s) dried, either by air pressure or being lifted so water run down the floors holes. Thne the floor(and room) is “sealed”.
At last the vessel can return to land.
For the sake of simplicity the example on the illustration is only designed for one resque operation. If we add layers of “floors” and “containers” above each other or in sections one before another several operations should be possible.
The “container” could also moves up and down relative to hauls and even with an angle the one way or another.
The illustration is colored to make things more clear and lines are drawn like points to show they are behind in the 3.dimension, seen from one side and a small angle from above.
Some questions are ignored for simplicitys sake and to leave it open. Everything related to communication and steering, to movement, how to get fresh air, light even perhaps sanitary solutions.

Who is behind the project?

Have some experience on board shios and boats, and several ideas.


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