The Maritime Search and Rescue Database

The worlds first international maritime SAR database and knowledgebase.

by Robert J. Rovetto

Subject Calling for help, Operations, Personal safety, Prevention, Rescue, Search, Support, Training
Status Funding Needed
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This project aims to develop concepts for, and implementations of, a database of maritime search and rescue (SAR) knowledge. The purpose of the database is to preserve and share knowledge to support global maritime SAR. A set of requirements, desiderata, and test-bed templates have been developed.

The projects seeks stakeholder and community input: your desiderata–what you would like to see in a database to create value–and use-cases and applications you recommend. The project also needs data/knowledge contributions from SAR organizations and indivdiuals, as well as industry and SAR org. partners.

Help make our seas safer by sharing knowledge.

How to Contribute

1) Provide your desiderata and constructive recommendations here:

2) Contact to submit SAR best-practices, lessons learned, and recommendations to the developed database templates here.

3) Contact to collaborate / coauthor on research articles.

How to Support

Formal collaborations, sponsorships, funding and contributors are sought. Please contact if you would like to contribute or support.

  • Donate at this link. As an unfunded project to date, if you find value in this, consider donating to the author. God bless.
  • Formal Sponsorship: Contact to become a sponsor. In exchange for your support, your organization will be listed in subsequent publications, and on the developed webpages, including this.
  • Industry database partners: have a database platform or product? Would you like to offer it to this project? Please contact.
  • Technological services: have data-management computer science skills? Would you like to offer your skills in service of this project? Please contact.


  • Proposed in formal submissions to the 2019 World Maritime Rescue Congress in Canada (an International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) event), but rejected. [sample]
  • Expression of partnership interest via email in 2023 to IMRF, but thusfar no joy.
  • Grant proposal submitted to Lloyds Register Small Grant Scheme in 2023, but rejected.


The Maritime SAR Bibliography [Donate via GoGetFunding link] [Donate via PayPal]

Who is behind the project?

Robert/Roberto Rovetto

  • PhD student researcher (AU)
  • Maritime SAR professional (Global)
  • Member Editorial Board, Journal of SAR (present)
  • Member, Marine Rescue NSW (present)
  • Commercial Merchant Mariner – Master of Vessels to 100 Ton (USA, 2009-present)
  • Water safety profile (USA).
  • Published author: Misc. research papers. 2 maritime manuals. Misc. proposals. 2 standards.
  • Photography Storefront.


If you have any questions about this project, you can send the project owner a message from here.


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