Stridsbåt 90e concept

Optimize, Rearrange, Improve

by Alexandra Torstensson, Hanna Hackl, Josefine Gulda and Henrik Johansson

Subject Rescue
Status Finished
Results Concept
Owner Type Students


The problem is that the different users of the boat are in need of different temperatures and light settings to be able to do their jobs. As of now, there is only one cabin for everyone on board which puts the driver in a position where he cannot use a drysuit during an entire rescue-operation because it is way too warm inside. It is also necessary to make the drivers’ cabin darker to enable the best possible sight, this is due to reflections that can occur in windows.

For the rescue personnel and the wounded on board the environment needs to be completely different. It should be around 28 degrees Celsius in the cabin so that the wounded can get their heat up after being in the water. The cabin should also be well lit up to give the rescue personnel an easier job supporting the wounded.


The drivers’ cabin was placed at the current roof of the boat. The idea was to construct this cabin with as much glass as possible. This gives the driver a much better view in all directions. The temperature and light can also be optimized in this cabin as the two different spaces were separated.

One demand from SSRS was that communication between rescue personnel and drivers had to be possible. The solution to this was to put a screen in the bottom of the drivers’ cabin so that they could see and talk to each other.

As a result of separating the two spaces the rescue-personnel got a lot more space to work in. This allowed one more stretcher to be carried on the boat. It also became possible to place doors in the front of the boat so that the stretchers could be moved in and out in both directions, this was not possible before, as the space at the sides was too small. Furthermore, the sides of the large cabin were tilted a bit more inwards to make it easier for rescue-personnel to move around the cabins while working outside.

Who is behind the project?

Our project group consists of Alexandra Torstensson, Hanna Hackl, Josefine Gulda and Henrik Johansson, we are all studying first year to Bachelors of Science with design as orientation at Chalmers University of Technology. We hope that our sketches and ideas can prove to be helpful when designing new solutions for rescue boats in the future.


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