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Relayed ADS-B Target Injection

Publishing a Cloud-connected Aerial Vehicle’s position through a ground based ADS-B transmitter

by Fredrik Falkman, SSRS

Subject Rescue, Search
Status Help Wanted
Results Working Prototype
Owner Type Rescue organizations

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society is exploring how to launch a fleet of small, remotely operated drones to improve situational awareness for Search & Rescue (SAR) missions. Please see Providence – UAV system to support Search and Rescue for more on that!

To minimize collision risk and to enhance cooperation and coordination with Air Traffic Control and other SAR aircrafts, we would like to publish the drone’s position on the ADS-B network, but we would like to avoid having to carry a physical ADS-B transponder onboard.

Luckily, the drones will be controlled by a Cloud service via cell networks. This means that all necessary information (id, call sign, position, altitude, course and speed) will be available in the cloud. If this information can be reformatted into the proper ADS-B format, it can then – with permission from relevant regulatory bodies, be broadcasted from a local, ground based ADS-B Transmitter.

To Air Traffic Control and aircraft equipped with ADS-B receivers or transponders the drone will appear as if it was carrying a transponder, but we will save precious weight and power consumption which translates into greater endurance.

This project is a call for help with building the service that that pulls position data from the Cloud Service, converts it to the proper format and pushes the messages through a ground based ADS-B transmitter.

We can supply contact with experts who can answer questions about the detailed workings of the Cloud Service.


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Who is behind the project?

This is a project from the Innovation office at Swedish Sea Rescue Society, SSRS. The SSRS is a non-profit organization that performs the majority of sea rescues in Sweden thanks to some 2000 volunteers. Our constitution says that we are to:

  • Further the interest in sea rescue matters
  • Propose ways to improve sea rescue
  • Perform sea rescue operations

The person proposing this project is me, Fredrik Falkman. I’m an industrial designer by training working for the SSRS with development projects and general innovation.


If you have any questions about this project, you can send the project owner a message from here.


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