Drone system to support Search and Rescue

by Fredrik Falkman, SSRS

Subject Operations, Rescue, Search, Support
Status Ongoing
Results Concept
Owner Type Rescue organizations

We have a Swedish video too!

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This project is an exploration of how the Swedish Sea Rescue Society and similar Search and Rescue organizations might use a system where a central operator could remotely launch and control small aircrafts housed in automatic launching boxes at our rescue stations.

Time is an important factor in search & rescue. That is why our rescue stations are generally quite close to each other. That also means that having a small fixed wing drone with a reasonable endurance at each station would be enough to cover the vast majority of our operations area. The pilot – wether sitting in a rescue central or using an iPad on the go – would be able to launch one or more aircrafts within a minute of an emergency call.


A 30 km range form our Rescue Stations would cover most of our coast line.



This is what an automatic launching box might look like. Find out more about that project  here!



In most cases we have a pretty good idea about the location of the incident, but sometimes the aircraft will also be useful tools for searching.






For the majority of callouts, we could have a live video stream of the casualty playing when the rescue crew members arrive at the rescue station. A quick glance at live feed could give the crew a better idea of the situation. It could also help them decide on which boats to chose, what equipment to bring, and wether to wait for additional crew members. While the rescue boat is on its way, we can keep an eye on the situation, and during the actual rescue, the crew can take some comfort in the fact that someone else can see what’s happening and can send for backup if needed, or better prepare the shoreside response.

After the rescue operation the aircraft would be landed by in the water and retrieved by the rescue boat crew .

The video footage can also be used for debriefing and for training purposes. In selected cases, we could also share the footage with Television and other media.


Photo credit: SSRS, C-Astral, Kasper Bröns

Who is behind the project?

This is a project from the Innovation office at Swedish Sea Rescue Society, SSRS. The SSRS is a non-profit organization that performs the majority of sea rescues in Sweden thanks to some 2000 volunteers . Our constitution says that we are to:

  • Further the interest in sea rescue matters
  • Propose ways to improve sea rescue
  • Perform sea rescue operations

The person proposing this project is me, Fredrik Falkman. I’m an industrial designer by training working for the SSRS with development projects and general innovation. Beside my work at the SSRS, I run a design consultancy: Fredrik Falkman Design AB, FFD.


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