Maritime SAR Bibliography

by Robert Rovetto

Subject Calling for help, Training
Status Funding Needed
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Who is behind the project?

Robert Rovetto
(CV available on request. Seeking opportunities in maritime safety)


  • Published author
  • Research & Academia experience
  • Writing experience: technical writing, grant proposal writing, academic papers
  • Website editing experience
  • Maritime safety training
    • Modest experience training on different rescue boats in more than one country
    • Extensive volunteer experience in maritime safety
  • Intimate knowledge of various maritime SAR orgs in EU and North America
  • Maritime employment experience: deckhand, boat crew, and small-boat operator (RHIBS, 30ft or less)

Immediate Goals

  • Seeking work opportunities in maritime SAR and safety:
    • as rescue boat crew member & small-boat operator
    • to work in offices
  • Seeking employment as small-boat operator/captain or operator-in-training
  • Seeking a university near a maritime SAR org./station to enroll in for my projects
    • seeking professors & departments interested in my projects
      • Contact me for white paper on knowledge modeling for maritime SAR data


  • University graduate degree (US)
  • Personal Watercraft Rescue Operator (EU)
  • Merchant Mariner – captain/master 100 ton, Motor vessels upon inland waters (US)

Memberships (maritime)

  • IMRF Supporter Member

How I feel about maritime SAR:

“Like the lighthouse keeper

who lives at his post,

so would I

at a rescue boat station

to be on call to help others at sea

to maintain station and boat

to make it be.”

– Robert J. Rovetto


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