The Maritime SAR Bibliography

The worlds first listing of water rescue literature from across the globe.

by Robert Rovetto

Subject Calling for help, Mass Rescue, Operations, Personal safety, Prevention, Rescue, Search, Support, Training
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This is the worlds first bibliography for maritime search and rescue (SAR) literature. Source material from various water safety and SAR organizations across the globe are included as citations. It is a stand-alone product with a vision for integrating and development as or in a dynamic database.

Maritime SAR professionals, enthusiasts, and authorities are encouraged to submit their recommended entries (webpage link below).


1) Have or know a publication (or other knowledge source) that should be in the bibliography?

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Who is behind the project?

Robert/Roberto Rovetto
(Topical CVs available on request)

  • PhD Researcher student (AU)
  • Member Editorial Board, Journal of SAR
  • Member, Marine Rescue NSW
  • Commercial Mariner – Master (USA)
  • Published author: Misc. research papers. 2 maritime manuals. Misc. proposals. 2 standards.
  • Maritime operations experience. Research & Academia experience.
  • Marine Safety profile (USA)
  • Extensive volunteer experience in boating safety & maritime search & rescue
  • Intimate knowledge of various maritime SAR orgs., globally.
  • Life goal: a paid job/career in maritime SAR, globally.
  • Open to enrolling in university near a maritime SAR org./station to enroll in for this or other projects.

How I feel about maritime SAR (a poem I wrote):

“Like the lighthouse keeper

who lives at his post,

so would I

at a rescue boat station

to be on call to help others at sea

to maintain station and boat

to make it be.”

– Robert J. Rovetto


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