Liftable Marine Evacuation Systems

Evacuation from liferafts to saftey aboard rescuing ships

by Jonatan Roos

Subject Mass Rescue
Status Finished
Results Report
Owner Type Students

In order to achieve efficient evacuation from life rafts to nearby ships every larger ship would have to be equipped with cranes. These cranes could then be used to lift people from life rafts, and aboard the safety of the rescuing ships. Today, the possibilities for nearby ships to help in emergency situations are very limited, they don’t have any means to do so efficiently. Life rafts that can be lifted with passengers aboard using cranes already exists, but these are small and davit-launched. A favorite in the industry of sea-saftey is the RFD Marin Ark 2 which exists of moduls each containing up to 158 passengers. Today the only way of evacuating the passengers from that life raft would be using surface rescuers or by towing the life raft to land. This project resulted in a concept where you have inflatable “lifts” within the Marin Ark 2, used for evacuating people safe and effectively. The paper is in swedish, but contain a summary in english aswell as well as lots of descriptive images.

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Design-engineer student at Chalmers University of technology


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