Life Jacket

Designed for the Swedish search and rescue needs

by Henrik Wilhelmsson & Ernst Hellby

Subject Personal safety
Status Finished
Results Concept
Owner Type Students


How and in what way a search and rescue operation at sea is carried out have changed largely over the years. From being executed with the help of larger vessels where the rescuer is kept away high above the water to now use more customized units. These units have been adapted to provide greater mobility, speed and agility in the water. Therefore is the rescuer now much closer if not even immersed in the water during a operation, consequently exposed to a greater hazard. The work is now even more active and makes high demands on correct equipment. Today there is no life jacket specially designed for these types of rescues.


Flash largeThe result includes features that simplify the rescuer work both on land and in the water without reducing their security. It has a strong identity and audience pleasing functionality and design. It´s made of strong and reliable materials to reduce maintenance to easier let the user know that the vest is functional capable and ready to use. The innovative buckles allows for easy tightening and unleashing of the waist straps and also fits a wide spectra of body sizes. With hand pockets on the inside made out of neopren it will extend the mobility of the fingers in rough weather and in the water.

Who is behind the project?

This project was conducted by Henrik Wilhelmsson and Ernst Hellby as their master thesis in industrial design engineering from Luleå university of technology in 2011.


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