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Electrifying the Rescuerunner

by Gustav Lindberg, Hampus Bergh, John Skötte

Subject Rescue
Status Finished
Results Working Prototype
Owner Type Students

Larger rescue boats are better att making way in a rough sea, but once on the scene the size is often a problem. The Swedish Sea Rescue Society developed the Rescuerunner with this in mind.

Unfortunately, adapting the bigger rescue boats to carry the smaller ones has been complicated, and in reality the Rescuerunners ar mostly used for training and operations in close vicinity to the stations.

How might we make the Rescuerunner follow a bigger rescue boat automatically, on a safe distance?

The first step to get the Rescuerunner follow a bigger rescue boat automatically is being able to maneuvering it electronically. The aim of this project is to develop a mechatronic system that based on external input signals in terms of a required steering angle and desired throttle, electronically controls the Rescuerunner. The project has resulted in a fully electronic control of the steering angle, were both the manual and the electronical control are carried out by an actuator. When controlling the Rescuerunner manually, the actuator is guided by an angle sensor placed on the handlebar. In electronical mode, the throttle is controlled by a servo motor. The project’s main objective has been fulfilled and the system has fair capabilities of implementing an autonomous system.



By connecting the steering cable to an actuator the steering can be controlled electronically and thus enable it to be maneuvered by an external system.




The actuator in placed at the starboard side of the stern where sufficient room allow its full travel. The electrical motor of the actuator is driven by a separate control system which enable implementation of a PID-regulator and thus quick steering.




The throttle is maneuvered by adding an extra gas wire to the engine which is then pulled by an electric servomotor.




The electric servomotor allow the throttle of the Rescuerunner to be controlled electronically.

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Who is behind the project?

This project make up the bachelor thesis made during our third (out of five) year studying civil engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. During the spring semester of 2016 The Swedish Sea Rescue Society provided a Rescuerunner whereupon we got the opportunity to develop and implement our solution to maneuver the Rescuerunner electronically.


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