Cloud Center for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

by Fredrik Tell

Subject Operations
Status Further Development Needed
Results Working Prototype
Owner Type Businesses, Rescue organizations, Students

The purpose of the project is to break the connection between a specific user and the
drone. The aim of the project is that several users should be able to handle multiple
drones from a central. A link between an internet-based platform called Thingworx and
a drone with a built-in controller called Pixhawk is connected to the Raspberry Pi 3
microcomputer. Swedish Sea Rescue Society wants an interface where several of their
drones with the built-in controller can be managed and view its position and video
stream. PDSVision’s goal is to create a demonstrator in a newly developed platform that
simplifies connectivity with devices using a concept called IoT (Internet of Things).

The result led to a prototype of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society drone, intended to be
controlled with the internet-based Thingworx platform. The drone starts, lifts off the
ground and flies a planned route completely without an pilot. The conclusion is that
project is feasible and that it is possible to communicate with the drone through

The drone on the video flying completely autonomous with a press of a start button, one waypoint and one destination/landing point. But thats just the beginning and an example of the developed software. There is much more implemented into this.

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