Caterpillar Track Craft Concept

A craft for sea rescue during winter when the ice neither holds nor breaks

by Daniela Gripenby Andersson and Phu Lieng

Subject Rescue
Status Finished
Owner Type Students

The final concept consists of a caterpillar track craft, with a maximum speed of approximately 5-6 knots in water, equivalent to a speed of 9-11 kilometers per hour. The speed on ice will be significantly higher. The concept also includes an accompanying raft, which results in a crew of two members, one that drives while the other sits in the raft and has overall responsibility for the distressed. The raft is large and has buoyancy enough for two lying persons or four seated. The craft is powered by two electric motors which drive the tracks, located along the long sides of the hull.

The concept is more of a futuristic concept, since it is based on batteries with an energy density with at least 500 Wh/kg, which according to Ny Teknik are under development. Furthermore, it is possible to use replaceable batteries, which means that existing batteries can be utilized. With replaced caterpillar tracks it is conceivable to use the craft for other purposes and terrains, such as on dirt roads. However, the concept is only at an early conceptual stage and is therefore in need of more tests and calculations to get fully operational and suitable for production.

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Who is behind the project?

We are two newly graduated students from the design engineer program at Chalmers University of Technology. This project aimed as our bachelor thesis.


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